If you have a dying or dead tree in your backyard, perhaps you are itching to remove it yourself so that you can save money. But before you do that, know that having a DIY tree removal is greatly discouraged. Try to look for news reports regarding tree-cutting accidents that lead to death. You can see that most of the cases are because of the lack of expertise and not wearing the proper safety gear. Meaning removing a dead tree is a hazardous work that a regular individual must never try. If you’re still not convinced, keep on reading and know more of the reasons why it would be best to employ an expert tree service provider to eliminate a dying or dead tree: 

Professional experience and equipment 

The right equipment for tree removal Perth is quite expensive and it’s definitely not worth the expense if you’ll only use it once. As soon as you purchase protective gear, wedges, ax, ropes, ladder, and chainsaw, it will only cost you more than the expenses you might have to pay if you opt to hire a tree expert. On top of that, tree experts have the knowledge and experience that’s needed to cut trees. They also know whether your tree can be salvaged or already dead. 

Property damage 

The money you will save by cutting your own dead tree will immediately do mean nothing when a branch or tree falls off your garage, car, or home. If this happens, you won’t only need to manage the financial responsibility in the form of possibly higher insurance rates and out-of-pocket costs. However, perhaps you’ll also need to deal with some angry individuals on your hands, especially if you give property damage to your neighbors.  

Unforeseen risks 

Tree experts are skilled in determining which way a tree would fall by seeing the structure of the canopy, how it is leaning, and the way it is shaped. If you make that last cut, gravity will take over and you cannot fully control where the tree will fall don. If you have not done this correctly, then there’s a possibility for extreme issues.   

Injury to others 

You don’t only put your own limb and life in danger by attempting to remove your tree by yourself, however, you can also kill or injure other people within your area. It’s common for passers-by, loved-ones, and neighbors to want to watch the process of removing a tree. One wrong move you make and you will be caught with a lifetime regret and an ultimate financial responsibility as well.  

Injury to yourself  

There are unlimited ways you can hurt yourself as you try to eliminate a dead tree. A falling branch can possibly cause you to lose your footing, knock you off your ladder, or fall on your own. Moreover, you can be hit with a hidden electrical line, which could electrocute you.  

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