For a lot of homeowners and property owners, tree suckers are a pain. Also called a basal shoot, it consists of new shoots that develop from the base of the trunk of a tree.

As the name suggests, tree suckers are known as tree suckers since they literally suck and steal important nutrients and water. This limits the growth of the main tree.

The tree will obtain fewer nutrients and less water once tree suckers start growing. This results in increased stress and possible death. Thus, you might have to hire a Kenosha Tree Removal service.

However, if you follow a couple of easy tips below, you can handle tree suckers on your lawn.

Watch the Trunk When Grafting

You have to monitor closely the trunk if you are planning on grafting a tree. This will help you guarantee that there aren’t any suckers that will develop.

Obviously, grafting includes splicing one root of a tree onto the roots of another tree. The over-stressed tree might develop suckers if the graft fails.

However, you can get rid of suckers easily by pruning them using a pair of gardening shears.

Prune Emerging Tree Suckers

You will not always be able to stop suckers from developing. However, you need to prune them as soon as you can if you see new suckers. This will help you keep them in check. If you wait for a longer period to get rid of the suckers, they will cause more harm to your tree.

You can use a pair of sharp and clean gardening shears if you want to get rid of tree suckers. You have to cut the suckers as close to the trunk of the tree as possible without damaging the trunk. You have to remember that tree suckers might grow again. Thus, you will have to examine the tree in the following weeks or months.

Water Around the Trunk of the Tree

A couple of individuals think that watering a tree will leave it vulnerable to tree suckers. However, that is not the case.

You can actually discourage tree suckers if you water a tree. The reason for this is that you are promoting healthy development and growth of the tree, not the suckers. Trees will become stressed whenever they are dehydrated. Thus, they will probably develop suckers.

You’ve got to ensure your trees are hydrated properly to deter tree suckers from developing on your trees.

Do Not Harm the Roots of the Tree

Always be careful not to harm the roots of the tree when tending to your landscape and mowing your lawn. Oftentimes, tree suckers grow because the tree is stressed.

You might see new suckers around the base of the tree’s trunk in the following days if you hit accidentally the exposed roots of a tree while tilling the soil or mowing the grass.

Luckily, if you are extremely careful not to harm or otherwise hit the roots of the tree, you can prevent this from happening. To avoid hitting the exposed roots of the tree, make sure you cover it with mulch.