Things to Know Before Cleaning Your Roof with Pressure Washer

A lot of homeowners are opting for the pressure washing method when it comes to cleaning their roof and house in general. This is rooted in the fact that roofs oftentimes accumulate difficult dirt to remove such as dust, stains, bird poop, algae, moss, and molds that brushing and cleaning solutions might find difficult to remove.  

Some homeowners find it difficult to use a pressure washer as frequently as they can because of the common belief that pressure washing can cause damages to the roof especially to the shingles. There are some truths to this claim; however, it is not correct to think that pressure washer is what cause this deterioration and damage, as it associated more on how it is used, and how much pressure is put on. This is why hiring professionals like pressure washing Surrey BC is more recommended that letting homeowners do the cleaning method by themselves.  

Does pressure washer damage the roof? 


As mentioned, the main concern of most people with regards to the pressure washer is that it can damage the roof especially the shingles. This is due to the highly pressurized water than can effectively punch some holes on the weaker singles and surface. Furthermore, the pressure might cause even the stronger singles to loosen or damage, making the roof porous and vulnerable to weather elements like snow and rain.  


Professional cleaners recognize this as a valid concern, and this is why they solve this by focusing more on the cleaning solutions rather than the pressure. The most effective way to combat this is to use a detergent that effectively loosens the dirt and difficult stains, leave it for a couple of minutes, and then use low-pressure water to rinse. This is known as soft washing and cleaning where soft pressure is applied and avoiding damage to your roof.  


The following are the correct ways on how to soft wash the roof appropriately: 

  • Cover your plants and sensitive flower with a tarp to avoid putting and rinsing the cleaning solution to them 
  • Pour on some water on the roof and spray your cleaning solution. TIP: use a foaming detergent to effectively loosen the dirt and all other particles that needed to be removed from the surface. 
  • Let the cleaning solution sit for several minutes to do let the chemical do its functions 
  • Start rinsing by using soft pressure on your washer starting from the top, down and it all sides  


Benefits of Using Pressure Washer 


Contrary to the common belief that pressure washer can damage the roof, correct usage can render a lot of benefits to the owner of the house, and these include: 

Increasing the life of the roof by effectively removing the dirt and molds that potentially rot and deteriorate the roof, leaving it weak and susceptible to damage. And because your roof would look good and maintained, it will increase the value of your property, making it easier to sell when you have the plan of reselling in the future as it also improves the curb appeal.  


Thus, pressure washing your roof can help it fight molds and other elements that damage it. However, it is recommended that you hire a professional cleaning company to do it.