What Do Arborists Do?

Arborists are highly skilled and trained tree specialists who are also referred to as arboriculturist. Sometimes, they may be known as tree surgeons or tree doctors. Basically, arborists provide expert tree service Kenosha such as removing, maintaining, planting and taking care of trees. Hence, when you need somebody to deal with your trees professionally, then don’t hesitate to look for an arborist. Check the following items to be more familiar with the scope of work of every arborist:

Tree surgery and pruning

Over time, dead limbs fall. Sometimes, this puts everyone’s property and lives at risk because this can happen unexpectedly. Moreover, diseased branches can potentially risk the tree itself since they tend to spread all over it and kill the tree in no time. Hence, dead limbs and branches must be eliminated right away by a professional tree surgeon to guarantee safe and effective tree pruning. 

Stump removal

In terms of stump removal, the tree expert will use a stump grinder and eliminate the stump beneath the surface. This procedure enables soil placement in the cavity. Moreover, stump grinding allows for a lawn or plants to replace the tree. 

Tree removal

Tree felling or tree removal is a very complicated process and can be costly at times, depending on how tall or small the tree is. Arborists can eliminate even extremely tall trees without damaging any tree. Tall trees tend to be challenging and very hazardous to be removed. Fortunately, the expertise of the arborists will guarantee that your sheds, garages, houses, fences, or other structures you have will be kept intact. However, how do arborists do this? Commonly, arborists climb a tree and eliminate the branches first, the trunk, and then work their way down. 

Transplanting and tree planting

As much as possible, we highly discourage you to plant trees on your own because roots should have a healthy start. So, arborists will provide you some tips on which shrubs, bushes, or trees to plant-based on the position of your house, your property, and your location. Then, a tree surgeon can utilize the right equipment and techniques to promote and guarantee healthy roots. 

Apart from that, when your tree needs to be transplanted, an arborist can do that job for you as well as ensure that the tree’s root system nan thrive. They will also make sure that their transplanted tree won’t die after the process. Moreover, the tree specialist may perform some soil assessment and even fertilize the soil for you if needed.

Tree consultation

You have to get a tree consultation from an arborist especially when you want them to suggest which tree would be suitable to plant for your yard. Apart from that, arborists may diagnose pests or tree diseases and recommend you some tips to treat the affected trees. Moreover, arborists can help identify and inspect if your tree is in bad condition or not. To put it simply, they will provide you a thorough report on your tree condition.  

Reasons Why Pruning is Important

Pruning can be very beneficial for your plants. It keeps your plants attractive while making sure that they are productive and healthy at the same time. Moreover, pruning is significant because it helps trees to grow more.  


A landscape helps in keeping a space attractive and definitely aids in adding value to a home. If you own a home with a lawn that has not been managed properly, it can become distracting and can lessen the appeal of your home. Tree pruners and tree trimmers Orange County CA offers pruning and trimming services to help you with managing your home’s landscape. Through visiting treeserviceinoc.com you can grab a hold of their services as easily as you can.  


So, what are the reasons why pruning is important?  


Yard aesthetic. 

It has been mentioned beforehand that pruning can make a tree or a plant attractive. Pruning removes the dead parts of a tree or those parts that grows more than the other branches and through pruning you are taming how your tree should look. Think of it as getting a new haircut. Through pruning you are shaping your tree better and making sure that it is healthy outside and growing better inside.  


To help the tree grow. 

A tree can better withstand a harsh weather if it has been through a pruning process. Through a certain technique, pruning can help the roots of a tree be stronger which makes the tree healthier as it grows thus enabling a tree to stand its ground in heavy rains, winds and storms.  


Fruit production. 

A tree that bears fruit needs pruning as well and definitely reaps the fruit of pruning. Through reducing branches by cutting of the unhealthy branches of a tree, you are giving space to better growth and new branches to form. Through new growth of branches, you should also expect growth of more fruits in the next season.  


Get rid of hazard. 

As much as there is beauty in trees there are also equivalent dangers when it is given with enough care. If you do not prune your tree you are leaving dead parts of the tree alone and when there’s a harsh storm that is coming you are putting you, your family and your property in great danger. Moreover, you should also expect your tree to be damaged. . 


Treat the disease of a tree.  

A tree can also be ill just like us humans. Pruning is a way to treat your tree with care and get rid of the disease it has. Since you are cutting off the parts that are not so healthy, you are preventing the disease from spreading thus helping your tree survive and grow for the next years to come.  


Enhance a view.  

A type of pruning technique called vista is a way of making sure that a view is enhanced in some way through giving a view like a lake a better view. Sometimes trees can overgrow when they are near waters and sometimes it can hinder people to see the vastness of a lake because a big branch is blocking the scene. Through pruning, you will be able to see the vastness of a view without blockage. Moreover, you are taking care of the tree too.